Teaching Experience


Texas State University, COMM 3301

This undergraduate course introduces students to the designs, uses, and limitations of various methodological perspectives that currently govern communication research.


“I liked all the activities to help learn the content that Dailey did. She was very helpful. This by far was my favorite class taken at Texas State. Dr. Dailey is an amazing professor + I learned so much from her class.”

“Dr. Dailey is very organized throughout the syllabus, lectures, & assignments. Instructions are always clearly stated & she is always available and willing to answer any questions! It is obvious she loves teaching comm studies courses. Very passionate! Dr. Dailey is a wonderful & inspiring professor! “

“She takes the time to create relevant activities to make the material accessible to all learning types. She teaches in a way that makes the material easy to understand, instilling confidence in her students. :)”

Texas State University, COMM 3319

This undergraduate course covers theories and practices relevant to communication in organizations.


“I liked how this course was very organized & applicable to real life. Dr. Dailey appears to truly love teaching and does a great job at it. She is very clear with her goals & assignment instructions. She has inspired me to continue with school after graduating w/my Bachelors. Great course content.”

“She treated us as friends and genuinely cared about us as people. She wanted our feedback and actually made changes. Loved the content – I can use it in real life/work. Loved the videos. Also, I really look up to Dr. Dailey as a person. She’s wonderful and inspiring.”

“She has a different approach to teaching which I love. I’m never bored or distracted in her class. Dailey is the best teacher I have had at Texas State. She makes me want to come to class and is so sweet. I love her!”


Texas State University, COMM 4327

This undergraduate course prepares students to be effective social media writers, resourceful workers, critical consumers, and savvy job seekers.


“Dr. Dailey was super helpful, she made everything clear and understandable. I learned and took a lot from this class. Actually applying our skills to real world was my biggest take away. None. Great class, awesome prof!”

“Dr. Dailey is one of the most personable, passionate and inspiring professors that I have had at TXState. Her knowledge of the field and passion for teaching are amazing. I strongly recommend her as a professor. Great class! :)”

“She is always bubbly and well informed w/what she teaches. I really enjoyed this course and instruction!”

Texas State University, COMM 5319

This graduate course covers theories and practices relevant to communication in organizations.


“Dr. Dailey is a perfect human. This class was extremely organized and heightened my interest in the subject. Dr. Dailey does a great job of incorporating activities to reinforce the content! Additionally, she has a very positive and encouraging energy that makes her approachable. I have implemented your teaching style in my classes and it has proven to be effective! Actual perfection. Dailey, you are a gem! Thank you for making this class fun, interesting, and informative. I learned a lot of information that is useful for my future career. You are a top notch researcher and professor!”

“Dr. Dailey is awesome! She is so excited about org. comm. and it’s contagious! This class was a blast. The quizzes were so fun because they were scratch off! The food was amazing and I LOVED THAT WE DID ACTIVITIES!!! This is by far one of the best classes I’ve taken here! I’ve never taken an org comm class prior to this one and I feel like I’ve learned so much! Thanks, Dr. Dailey!”

“Dailey you are perfect! I really enjoyed this course and your teaching style. I enjoyed that you applied what we learned to real life situations or at least provided an opportunity to apply to real life. You are an amazing professor. I learned so much and you made it so easy! You are goals!”

Texas State University, COMM 5372

In this graduate course, students apply organizational communication theory and research in a formal research study.


“I liked the structure of this course. Dr. Dailey you are instructor goals! We talked about consultant role models. You are mine. This course was amazing.”

“Dr. Dailey was very supportive and enthusiastic throughout class sessions. I’ve gained a lot of confidence from this course about entering into the workforce. I appreciated the opportunity to put my skills to work in a practical sense.”

“Responds to emails/questions quickly. Offers helpful advice/constructive criticism w/out making you feel stupid. Doesn’t make students waste time on pointless work. Readings are applicable to life outside of class & compliment the project well. You’re awesome! Thank you for a fantastic class :)”

Texas State University, COMM 5303

In this graduate course, students develop research skills by collecting and analyzing qualitative data.


“Dr. Dailey, you are my absolute favorite! Thank you so much for valuing your students as individuals & being encouraging. You employ incredible teaching methods & I always enjoy your class. While graduate course can often feel monotonous, I can tell you made active efforts to integrate activities that were applied & relevant. I am a huge fan of the RADs & the ways in which they hold us accountable for our readings! Dr. Dailey, I cannot tell you how much of an impact you’ve mad on me – you are seriously my role model! So so grateful for you! You’re perfect! This course was extremely valuable for those pursuing careers in academia or other non-academic fields! Love it! You are the bees knees!”

“Dr. Dailey is one of the best professors I’ve had throughout my graduate career. She made this course extremely interesting and worthwhile. I learned a great deal about qualitative research, and my interest in this area definitely increased.”

“Dr. Dailey is the best professor! She is welcoming, approachable, passionate, and knowledgeable. I always enjoy her courses and learn a great deal. She has definitely positively impacted my graduate school career.”


Communication Research Methods
St. Edward’s University, COMM 3301

This course introduces students to the designs, uses, and limitations of various methodological perspectives that currently govern communication research.

Introduction to Communication
St. Edward’s University, COMM 1306

As the prelude to the Communication major, this course introduces students to definitions, concepts, and contexts crucial to the discipline of communication as well as to the origins and development of the pedagogical study of communication.

Presentational Speaking
St. Edward’s University, COMM 1317

This course is an introduction to public speaking both in large and small group situations. It provides practice in a variety of speech styles and purposes, with emphasis on the more commonly used speech forms.


Organizational Communication
University of Texas, CMS 313M

This course covers theories and practices relevant to communication in organizations.

Interviewing Principles and Practices
University of Texas, CMS 316L

This course is designed to teach students the theories and techniques used to prepare and conduct informational, persuasive, and employment interviews.

Professional Communication Skills
University of Texas, CMS 306M

The goal of this course is to make students more competent professional communicators by studying the theories and principles of effective communication, applying these principles in a variety of assignments, and critiquing the performances of other speakers.

Interpersonal Communication Theory
University of Texas, CMS 315M, Dr. John Daly

This course is a broad introduction to the study of interpersonal communication, focusing on the role of communication in relationships. As a TA, I was responsible for attending class and taking notes; addressing student questions; writing portions of exams; and grading exams and papers. I also guest lectured for the class.

Theories of Persuasion
University of Texas, CMS 332K, Dr. Dana Cloud

This course is an introduction to persuasion in its various contexts, from political campaigns to advertising campaigns, from the President of the United States to popular music, from the nightly news to used car sales. As a TA, I was responsible for attending class and taking notes; addressing student questions; and grading exams and papers. I also guest lectured for the class.

Creative and Innovative Management
University of Texas, MSTC 385, Dr. John Daly

This MBA course explores the human and organizational challenges leaders of entrepreneurial firms face that may affect their success. Students are pursuing their Masters in Science degree in Technology Commercialization from the McComb’s School of Business. Half of students attended the lecture in person, whereas the other half of students watch the lecture online (in real-time) and participate virtually. I was responsible for attending class and taking notes; recording student comments to evaluate participation; engaging with online students during class via Skype; writing exam essay questions and weekly discussion board questions; and grading exam essays, discussion board postings, and two application papers.


Interpersonal Communication
Austin Community College, SPCH 1318

This course explores theories and practice in verbal and nonverbal communication with a focus on interpersonal relationships.

Introduction to Communication
Austin Community College, SPCH 1311

This course covers theories and practice of speech communication behavior in interpersonal, small group, and public communication situations.